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Mu-X Black Grill Kit

(Incl. GST)
MU-X Black Grill Kit. Comes with upper and lower pieces. Kit suits Mu-X 2017 - 2018

MU-X Heated Mirror Kit

(Incl. GST)
Defog your mirrors quickly on cold mornings with the MU-X heated mirror kit which is supplied complete with wiring. 

Isuzu Tailgate Sticker

(Incl. GST)
Been through the bush too much and damaged the Isuzu branding on the tailgate? Purchase a new one today - the Isuzu Stickers come in White which suits the LX D-Max and the Chrome stickers suits the LS and LS-T D-Max. 

Isuzu D-Max Ute and MU-X SUV Emergency kit

(Incl. GST)
On the rear occasion that you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, make sure you have your Isuzu emergency kit with you. Featuring a warning triangle, tow rope, torch & jumper cables to help you get yourself out of trouble. The emergency kit also...

Rear Park Assist Kit

(Incl. GST)
Venturing into the city to pick-up a few bits and pieces for your next job and worried about the tight parking spaces? With the D-Max rear park assist kit you can easily manoeuvre your ute into those tight spaces.